Not sure how I feel about curls

Not sure how I feel about curls

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So I went back to my Survival map since 1.8 is launching soon, and I felt like exploring the world and see how my old world seed acts differently in the new version. And I’m walking through a forest when I get hit by an Elder Guardian curse.

I went out to the ocean that spawned nearby, but there wasn’t an Ocean Monument anywhere. Then I noticed some weird indents on the side of the coast, and went underwater to investigate.

Turns out, an Ocean Monument somehow spawned under a forest. And it’s within walking distance from my home.

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Mountain Project #59.1

This house was built about 4 months ago by a builder that is no longer a part of ThingsIDoOnMinecraft.

Last week Alex and I renovated the exterior when we realised it had been half built and then copied and pasted with world edit.  We also redesigned and rebuilt the interior.

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Another update on Sylver’s commission. I’ve repainted over a lot of it to improve the color and environment. Also I got some contrast tips from Shade

I feel that there is still a lot I could fix on here. Hopefully it’ll be done relatively soon.

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"This is gonna be the best day of my life~"

Me and noodleprincesskirigiri were playing Minecraft on creative because she wanted to build an underwater house, so i went off and made a castle, and the next thing i know, there a giant tower of cacti next to it, and a smug looking sister staring at me from on top of it.

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